Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brazil. Workers Party shows its truly face: Comunist and violent

Ruth Gomes de Sá, 79 anos. 
The most recent victim of the Workers Party violence at Brazil. 

+ BRAZIL. Lula-Dilma PT. Bloody Militancy 
Artist suffers threat of death on the internet because speaks what thinks 

03 December, 2014. BRAZIL. BRASILIA, DF. Today Brazilian citzens were removed by force by the police from Congress. The agents have used brutal force and shock weapons on  people who were peacefully watching congressmen discussing pass the PLN-36 (a project of law of Dilma Rousseff).


This law intends to amnesty the president of her fiscal responsibility crime since Rousseff prodeces a big hole in the orlament of the Union in operations not explained.

IMAGE. Brazilian Worker´s Party shut down main highway. 12/02/2014

During the day, on the road leading to Brazil's Capita - citizens from different states of the country, going to Brasilia to be in the Congress session, in cars, buses, were prevented from continuing its path towards the Brasilia downtown. 

The highway was taken by members of the  Workers Party (PT, Partido dos Trabalhadores) who blocked the passage and set fire to tires.

These protesters, that erected barricades on the road - they have said the protest was because the problems in bus lines but in Brazil, the population knows the difference between the professional members of the PT and common citizens. 

Brazilian citizen wears green, yellow, white, blue or even black, in mourning. Citizens use flags of Brazil. 

The mercenaries militants use the red of the communist militia that is beginning to spread across the country. And most notable, the mercenaries are violent and and often vandalize public and private property. Their shirts and red flags have the emblem of the hammer and sickle.

By this way, using lies, with a democratic and populist discourse - after reach the politic power, the worker's party of Brazil show its true face, its comunist ugly face.

+ BRAZIL. Lula-Dilma PT. Bloody Militancy 
Artist suffers threat of death on the internet because speaks what thinks 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The mysterious pyramid of Bolivian Amazon


BOLIVIA. Bolivian Amazon. Hidden in a clearing in the forest, in the Bolivian Amazon, archaeologists discovered an amazing, circular - a three levels structure. Its base, having 180 meters of diameter and its height stands up around 14 meters. It is a pyramid.

The pyramid is located in the vicinity of the city of Mairana (province of Florida, Santa Cruz department), near 'el Fuerte de Samaipata.

According to the coordinator of the team, that consists in six Bolivian archaeologists  from the Archaeological Proyecto de la Gobernación Santa Cruz, Danilo Drakit, the building has at least 2000 years old.

With base diameter measuring 180 meters and a height around 14 meters, the building also has five entries. The main entrance is faces south.

As in other cases of colossal and mysterious pre-Columbian ruins, the material used to build the pyramid of the Bolivian forest, does not belong to the region and the pottery found on the site belongs to an Amazonian culture dating back 2000 years. (One criterion for determine the age of the pyramid).

Drakit commented: This is not a pyramid made of stone. It is a small hill that was crafted, modeled and structured with retaining walls to be a staggered circular pyramid. So far, this is a unique building in Bolivia.

He added that at the end of 2015 much of the pyramid will be visible, with the completion of the excavation. The topography where lies the city of Marana (reference to pyramid location) is characterized by mountains surrounding valleys and plains.

Descubren misteriosa pirámide circular en la Amazonia de Bolivia

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BRAZIL. Lula-Dilma PT - Bloody Militancy. Artist suffers threat of death on the internet because speaks what thinks


Manoel Gomes: Still alive? ... Lobao alive? Serves no purpose. Dead, he serves to fertilize the soil and there will be a head adorning the living room of his hunter.

BRAZIL. Second turn of the Presidential elections. The Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT, something like Workers Party), desperately, seeks reelection its candidate. The PT militants, indoctrinated in the spirit of intolerance, cowardly, with insane violence are attacking the opponent, Aecio Neves (PSDB - Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira) - and all the voices in favor of the opposition candidate - using lies and, worst, threats.

Lobao (Big Wolf). Awarded: Latin Grammy Rock category, 2007
IMAGEM: Lobão - Acústico MTV
YOUTUBE, Published on Jul 26, 2012

One of the most active voices, the musician, singer, composer and writer Lobao has become more than a targeted person, he is object of extermination. His crime: say what think. In social networks, government supporters Dilma Rousseff - real or fakes, are using the internet for something much beyond criticism.

Here, the Partido dos Trabalhadores's militant says: The development of Brazil as a nation depends, necessarily the murder of Lobao.

There is a bloody campaign asking the artist's death, explicitly and, so far - on oct 07, 2014 - unpunished. The mass midia are silent but, meanwhile, in the same social networks, many are protesting the explicit incitement to crime.

On Facebook, a 'citizen, PT activist, urges other persons to murder the musician and more, provides an adress - the scene of an announced murder?

This state of things results of a politic of hate that, insidiously is being disseminated at the country through a social assistance that promotes a categorization of persons by the imposition of laws or regulations imposing a cultural orientation in what only has validity the interest of weird minorities.

Weird - because these minorities are manipulated by socialist discourses that have encouraged separatism and prejudice where and in who, this kind of  thing, never existed. 

The Lobao case is troubling. Today is a famous musician threatened by saying what he thinks. Tomorrow, how many will be threatened? And how many will be silenced without previous notice?

No darling, this is not the country where I was born

Thursday, October 2, 2014

White spume pollutes Mexican Coastline

MEXICO. State of Tamaulipas, Ciudad Madero. On September 29 (2014) morning,  beaches, bathed by the Gulf of Mexico were covered by a strange foam whose origin and nature are completely unknown. The wide foam layer, was concentrated mainly in northern maderense coast in Miramar Beach, compromising local tourism.

Still on Monday (29/09/2014), a team of State Comisión for the Prevention of Riesgos Sanitarios (Coepris, state body) has reached the place of occurrence to begin the diagnostic work of the phenomenon.

Among their firsts speculations, the technicians suggest that the foam can be the result of a "natural process of sea purification" (?). Or, even, pollution, pollution by chemical. Only laboratory analysis of samples collected may determine the nature and origin of the substance.



Extraña espuma cubre la playa de Miramar 
O MEXICANO, 30/Sept/2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

UFO-BRAZIL. Lights and weird heat are scaring population at Ceara

IMAGE. Footage obtained by a Salgado Ingá dweller on August, 04 - 2014.

OVNI em Canindé, Ceará 
YOUTUBE, Weslem Andrade. 11/08/2014.

The ufologist and scholar of the Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC) Agobar Peixoto commented: We have analyzed there more than two years this region ... where appear probes, spheres, luminous objects. ... Agobar Peixoto further explained that the apparition site, an area of ​​rocky relief, is rich in minerals, such as occurs in other places where the UFOs sightings are frequent.

CEARÁ state. IN CANINDÉ city, the Salgado Ingá community is scared with weird lights that have appeared at the sky. The phenomenon have occurred  many times and people are thinking in an UFO invasion because the happenings aren't limited to the apparitions.

With the lights bright, come also a heat that increases when the objects seem to make approach movements. When it happens the families have afraid e nobody has courage to leave home. The population have denounced the situation to media and authorities.

A woman, dweller of Salgado Ingá, tells to Radio Jornal de Canindé: I saw a very strong red torch. I could describe as a UFO, something I've never seen.

She phoned the local radio and reported the fact. Then, she lit a lantern because the surrounding, was very dark but, this moment, the light in the sky began to downloading altitude as if the object were to land.


BRAZIL. Plasmic UFO appears regularly at the Ceara state 
August 22, 2012

CEARA. UFOs, earthquakes and mutilators
January 6, 2011

CEARA. The Extraterrestrials chips at Quixadá
November 19, 2009

CEARA. Child attacked by UFO
November 13, 2009

CEARA. Mulungu UFO
October 1, 2009

Luz misteriosa causa medo em Canindé; População acredita que seja disco voador
Especialista em discos voadores se surpreende com acontecimentos em Canindé 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chile. UFO Activity Recorded Near Gold Mines

IMAGE. Cloud ejects Sphere again Over Chile. OVNI Nube expulsa Esfera Otra vez En Chile 
YOUTUBE, publicado em 19/07/201 

CHILE. CALAMA city. ON 18 JULY 2014. Miners who were working in the Maricunga gold mine (Maricunga Gold Mine) located in Calama (commune and capital of the province of El Loama) - recorded the apparition and movement of  strange discoid clouds. 

One of the workers made a footage using his celular camera. At one point in the sequence,  luminous objects; featured like ball shape seem to be expelled from one of clouds.

FONTE: Impacto en el norte de Chile por nube parecida a ovni que expulsa esfera.

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