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Alioshenka. A monument for The Small Alien of Urals

Monument for Alioshenka, the banks of Anbash lake. The sculpture is made of stone, concrete and metal.

RUSSIA. CHELYABINSK Oblast. KISHTYM City. Sientists from Kosmopoisk (translated Russian Organization of Research Public), also known as Spacesearch, a group with interests in ufology, cryptozoology, and other mystery investigations - they are reopened the investigation about  the materials rescued two decades ago during the episode of a UFO that crashed in the woods near Kyshtym. The episode occurred in 1996.

Expedition members have hope to find traces of the spaceship, in which a little humanoid was wounded. The creature stood known worldwide under the name Alyoshenka.

This is the tenth time that "Kosmopoisk" visits Kishtym. The serchings are focused on the banks of Lake Anbash. The place was chosen because, according to eyewitnesses,  was there that 19 years ago, an unidentified flying object landed or fell.

The head of Kosmopoisk organization, Vadim Chernobrov explains that - The researchers are interested in several unusual events, including the fall of the a meteorite in the same region, the same year, 1996.

Chernobrov tells: We received a message from the Academy of Sciences, which was written by a resident of Kishtym. The letter describe the meteorite like a silvery object that had the shape of an elongated cigar.

ABOVE. Also, there were holes in trees. For this witness, considering the angle of the trajetory  and its speed, there is no doubt that it was not a meteorite, but something quite different. Trunks of huge trees appeared burnt  by some kind of  powerfull laser that left precise horizontal marks.  Meteorites do not leave such traces.


There 19 years ago, in a small town of South Ural, weird events occurred and became known to the whole world under the name "Kyshtym phenomenon.

In the apartment of an elderly resident of the village - Tamara Prosvirina Kaolin, it was discovered the mummified body of an alien being.

The woman tried hide him and feed him and gave a name to the being, Alexis. This would be the begining of the history of the extraterrestrial that the world knows like Aliyoshenka.

The daughter in law of Mrs. Tamara, saw the creature many times. A pensioner that used to visit the family, told to newspapers and authorities that also saw the creature alive.

When police arrived to the local, Aloyoshenka already was dead and Tamara Prosvirina, was desolated.

The police officer Vladimir Bendlina leaded the investigation of the case. In  this context, some ufologists from Kamensk-Ural, that claimed the the guard of the corpse, were persuaded to give the specimen to the police guard. After this, the body of the small alien vanished without a trace.

This history of the little Alioshenka is a mystery, matter of controversy among researchers. Despite the vanishing of the proves, the corpse, before this, The Discovery channel got   produce a documentary about the occurrence. The documentary has precious images of Alioshenka.


This summer (July, 2015), members  the organization "Kosmopoisk" camped on the banks of Lake Anbash - where, according to eyewitnesses, in 1996 - unidentified flying object landed there. 

In memory of this event, the activists of the organization erected a monument in Kyshtym, on the shores of the lake. Immediately the site became an atraction that has attracted the attention of tourists.

Надежда КРАСНИКОВА. Возле Кыштыма ищут следы НЛО 
(Traces of UFO sought near Kishtym)
KR74/RUSSIA, Суббота, 1 августа 2015 (01082015)
+ []
Под Кыштымом увековечили образ гуманоида 
(In Kyshtym, statue immortalizes the humanoid Alioshenka)
CHEL/RUSSIA, 21 июля 2015 (21JULY2015)
Russian geneticists to reveal alien’s DNA mystery
PRAVDA/English, 24.03.2007
Mysterious dwarfish alien brutally murdered in Russia's remote village
PRAVDA/English, 05.04.2007

Huge paleo-burrows discovered at Amazonia

BRAZIL. AMAZON REGION. RONDONIA state. A team from the Mineral Resources Research Company (CPRM) - led by geologist Amilcar Adamy, found - at the region of Ponta do Abunã , the first paleotoca (paleo-burrows, of extinct animals) located at Brazilian Amazon region.

Ponta do Abunã is situated the border of Rondônia with the brazilian state of Acre and Bolivia. The structure of the tunnels drawn attention for its circular modeling, their large vaults. The length of the tunnels still could not be determined.

Ground sloth, Megatherium

Well kept, with no major obstacles to the movement of people, the paleotoca has claw marks that indicate that the place was excavated by big animals from the South American megafauna pleistocênia, possibly a giant sloth (Ground sloth, Megatherium), extinct for about 10,000 years.

Ponta do Abunã In medium, the tunnels have widths of four meters and heights of 2 meters. The extensions explored until now  often reach 200 meters.

Paleo-burrow in Boqueirão do Leão, Rio Grande  do Sul state

At Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul is the state with the largest number of identified paleo-burrows. More than a thousand., according to data from Paleotocas Project, which brings together researchers from UFRS and Unesp, these paleotocas are unique in South America.

In Morro Grande, Santa Catarina state - have been identified tunnels with 150 meters length and about 1.5 meters in diameter distributed over 4 floors. The site is on a hill and has at least eight exits.

CARVALHO, Cleide. Caverna escavada por mamíferos gigantes é descoberta na Amazônia
O GLOBO, 31.07.2015
CPRM descobre túnel de animais extintos na região de Rondônia e Amazônia
CPRM/BR, 31.07.2015
BUCHMANN, Francisco Sekiguchi. CARON, Felipe. LOPES, Renato Pereira. ICNOFÓSSEIS

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Amazing Fireball crosses Latin America sky

UFO. ARGENTINA. URUGUAI. RIO GRANDE DO SUL state, BRAZIL. Thursday - July 30, 2015. An object, emitting an intense green light crossed the sky, at night, calling the attention of people from three countries of the South America.

The phenomenon could be observed at Argentina, Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul - a federative state of Brazil. The UFO, very luminous seemed have a circular shape and a long tail. It was widely photographed and filmed.

In few minutes, the images and eyewitness accounts had spread over the Internet. At Brazil, there were sightings in Porto Alegre, Rosario do Sul, Novo Hamburgo, Quaraí and the Paranhana area, all cities and site located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

On Twitter, the hashtag #CieloVerde (green sky, in spanish)  and the term "UFO" were amid trends from the Buenos Aires region. In some of the video, the object is accompanied by ten seconds or more. Even behind the clouds, its strong light is visible.


But - the experts already have an explanation. The same as always. It was just a meteor or the fall of a piece of any space junk.

The day that one of these space junks fall on the head of one of this specialist - then, maybe - the specialists will begin to realize that lately many, even many - brilliant things are  falling from the sky.

The astrophysicist at the Planetarium at UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) - Gilberto Klar Renner believes that the fireball was a meteor or meteorite.

But Renner said that the phenomenon was unusual. Even being a meteor: It's a little different, brighter. It is a special meteor, something out of the ordinary. Not a typical sighting.

Physicist Astronomical Observatory of PUCRS (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul) - Marcelo Bruckmann, thinks the object is space junk.

Clarão no céu intriga moradores do RS, Argentina e Uruguai

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The curse of the sleep of Kazakhstan THE STRANGE BEHAVIOR OF THE AWAKENED

Bellow text transcription

KAZAKHSTAN. KALACHI VILLAGE. The first news about "The strange sickness of sleeping", which affected the population of the small village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan, began to appear in March and April 2013, when it was established ground zero, the first case of  'sleepiness'. At the occasion ten people, with ages between 14 and seventy years old were hospitalized.

Since then until now - five hundred cases passed through the local hospital. Experts from different fields of science has been working to find the cause of sleeping sickness.

More than seven thousand laboratory tests have been done, in vain. The mystery continues.

Kalachi is very close to the Russian city of Krasnogorsk where - in the past, a uranium mine was intensively exploited.

At the time Krasnogorsk had more than six thousand inhabitants. With the mine turned off in the early 1990, the place became a ghost town but without asleep citizens.

While experts investigate soil, water and air in the region. Despite the newspapers announcing that the puzzle has been deciphered, people still keep falling asleep.

Recently new informations and testimonies brought a new element to the puzzle. Rather than thought, the sudden sleep, which can last more than a week, does not summarizes the illness frame.

The Awakened have presented sequelae. Men - upon awakening, although so weak that nor even can eat or remain standing without assistance, they have an insatiable sexual desire - that can last up to a month.

Furthermore, these awake suffer from urinary incontinence, hallucinations, behavioral disorders, aggressiveness. Children and old people have experienced visions.

While the nightmare continues and the discovery of the cause - doesn't happen, the tendency is Kalachi, become  equal to Krasnogorski - a ghost town.

+ KAZAHKSTAN - Sleep syndrome update: two more cases

STEWART, Will. EXCLUSIVE - Sex cravings, visions of monsters and foul-mouthed rants: What force is torturing residents of Kazakh 'Village of the Damned' hit by mysterious 'sleeping sickness'?
DAILY MAIL, 30.05.2015

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Hybrid Alien. Bizarre Humanoid Found at India



BWN COMMENTS. It will not delay. The scientists will say that it is only an unborn baby, perhaps an aborted fetus and buried to hide the fact. Others will mention genetic abnormalities, diseases such as hydrocephalus, etc.. 

However, a watchful eyes realize that this baby has a strangely developed muscles. It can be an aborted fetus but probably that it's not be a human being - or at less - fully human. One can not rule out the hypothesis of the bizarre creature be an alien hybrid.




Small Aliens like organism found while digging earth for Tubewell in Bawdi village of Jodhpur India
जमीन से निकला ‘छोटा मानव’, तस्वीर देख आप भी रह जाएंगे हैरान!
धरती से निकला एलियन जैसा दिखने वाला छोटा मानव, तस्वीर देख रह जाएंगे दंग

Friday, July 24, 2015

The haunted portrait of Clenir de Cezaro


Clenir de Cezaro - murdered, was found in the deep of a well located at side of  the her family house. She had 14 years old. Her head and neck were injured in the sinister.

Her body was buried in a chapel nearby the local cemetery - the cemetery of the Linha Boa Vista. There,  was installed a small altar in girl's memory. On a table were placed a portrait, images of saint, flowers and candles.

The crime never was solved. A man was arrested. He was suspected: had marks on his neck suggesting that fought with the victim prior to subdue her. However, for lack of evidence, he was released.

Recently, in 2015 - almost 30 years after the violent death of Clenir Cezaro her portrait in the chapel began to exhibit a strange aspect.  

Red spots like blood and purple stains, like bruises appeared on the head, forehead  and neck of the girl's photo. The anomaly looks a posthumous record of Clenir's suffering. 

In the neighborhood, people comment: the picture is haunted. The chapel also seems to be cursed. Two fires occurred there. The first, on Souls day (or Day of Dead, November 11, 2014). The cause was cause attributed to an accident with lighted candles. 

The second fire took place just 15 days later and this time were found signs of criminal agent, but the author was not identified.

The Catholic priest Amadeo Balestrin, family friend, said: "People were so much surprised with the case. They called me to see the picture. I'm intrigued but everything still needs to be analyzed scientifically.

In 07 July (2015) - Balestrin sent the photographs to analyze in a local laboratory - Lucan Studio Fotográfico (Lucan Studio Photo) from Palmitinho city  - but the cause of the changes in the image could not be determined.

The photo studio owner, Lester Wanderlei Candaten, highlights another curious fact: in original photo left in the Lucan laboratory, initially,  girl's face had a small imperfection that was increasing along the time (as seen in the photos). "We don't have an explanation for these facts, it really is something that needs to be investigated" - Candaten said.

After this, in July 2015, the material was delivered to the Instituto Geral de Perícias - from Rio Grande do Sul state (General Institute of Forensics)  - which is analyzing the piece.

The Instituto has more technical resources. So there was the expectation that the phenomenon could be explained quickly by natural cause.  

However, after two days of examinations, the scientists - only can ensure that the change of the image does not result from the action of time or of parasites, such a rust nor is a phisical phenomenon, like rust.

The analyzes continue. Meanwhile, the 'The portrait of Clenir dr Cezaro remains a mystery and until proven otherwise, for the people os Palmitinho city - the phenomenon is the manifestation of a supernatural agent.


What the experts dodn't perceive in the photo, is the presence, in the image - of spectrums of ghostly entities and a white smog that resembles the ectoplasm, material used by the spirits for express themselves in the world of the alive.

At least three of those creatures are there. They are enough notable  in the photograph.Their ectoplasmic faces do not seem friendly.

By contrary, far from the holiness that the people claim about the dead girl, the of the spectral images shows that the atmosphere of the mortuary  chapel can have turned, nowadays, a den of angry ghosts.

It is possible that the fires that -  for two times almost destroyed the sanctuary, have been caused by troubled spirits. Perhaps - among them - the ghost of the killer be responsible for the incidents.

Is a fact that the changes in the photo began to appear after the fires. This could mean a reaction from the soul of the girl, unhappy - who can be mutilating her own photography, denouncing his death and the attacks to her mausoleum - that still remain unpunished.

Mistério No Interior do RS: Manchas Em Foto de Menina Assassinada Intrigam Comunidade
Adaptação: & Mateus Fornazari
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