Tuesday, June 16, 2015

UFO at Krasnodar

RUSSIA. KRASNODAR CITY. The video was made on the night between 30 and 31 May 2015. The luminous sphere in the sky could be the Moon but that night there was no full moon in Krasnodar. It was the moon crescent, not visible in the footage. The next full moon at that local should  appear on June 2.

* Moon phases for Krasnodar, Russia in 2015
[http://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/ russia / krasnodar? year = 2015]

But even that the bright orb could delude someone for a few minutes, the idea of a full moon would soon be discarded when the object began to move slowly, moving away from the earth, diminishing in size until suddenly, in a quickly movement, in  high speed, disappeared in the sky in a fraction of second.

The headlines that reported this sighting - note the reference below - insisted on highlighting the hypothesis that ... the moon is a spaceship piloted by aliens ... or ... Video proof that the moon is a giant alien spacecraft.  Although the possibility exists, in fact - this is not the case.

The midia that refer to UFO Krasnodar like a proof of the artificiality of the moon on that particular night, they know, very well - that the orb never could be confused with the Moon at the appropriate stage.

The headlines mention theory of the moon-spacecraft for ...mere sensationalism. It is not enough be an UFO, it has be an UFO disguised of Moon.

This video PROVES that the moon is a spaceship piloted by aliens
METRO/UK 10.06.2015
This UFO Video ‘Proves’ The Moon Is A Giant Alien Spacecraft
YAHOO/UKNEWS, 09.06.2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Matamatá, the Jurassic turtle from Brazilian Amazon

PHOTO. Edson Souza

BRAZIL. ACRE state. On Monday, May 11 (2015), the graphic designer Edson Souza, 34 - on a farm near the town of Xapuri, 188 km far from the state capital, Rio Branco, was fishing with net in a local pond - when captured a strange turtle . The animal has a Jurassic aspect. It is a saury-turtle.

The biologist Moisés Barbosa identified the turtle. It is known as "Matamatá" and - despite the exotic appearance, it is a cataloged animal. Its scientific name is Chelus fribriatus, a typical reptile from  Amazon region. 

Live in areas of flooded forest and dams, especially at environment where water is dark, standing water, places where there the forest is preserved. It feeds, mainly - eating fishes.

The Matamatá has a carapace full of irregular ripples of rough appearance. Barbosa explained these strange features of Chelus fimbriatus: It is a prehistoric animal that inhabits the planet since between 250 and 300 million years.

It is one of the oldest specimens, which has not modified itself much over the ages. It has a large and wide neck. full of flexible fins. 

In water, these fins have an undulating movement what makes them seem algae. This acts as a camouflage allowing fish approach, potential preys for this ancient monster.

'Parece um dinossauro', diz jovem que pescou tartaruga exótica no AC
OLHAR DIRETO/BR, 14.May.2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Understand why Brazilians want the "president" Dilma Rousseff in jail

ABOVE. Part of the criminal file of Dilma: terrorist actions. The complete file is locked/hidden in a vault. The the access to this document is prohibited and denied to the mida and to all brazilian society by the communist government of the Workers Party.

When Dilma Rousseff (1947 -...) was elected, for the first time, President of Brazil - in 2011 - supported by his predecessor, the populist Lula da Silva, a puppet manipulated by the international neo-communism - the national media, already at that time - hostages of the public money, and by this way, hostages of the PT government, this midia - carefully have omitted the candidate's biography.

Only gradually, the information leaked on the Internet, where - now - there are abundant evidence that Dilma Rousseff is a mummy revanchist communist, ex-terrorist involved in numerous violent crimes, bank robberies, murders.

Below - Part of a report, in English, about the past of Dilma Rousseff and his accomplices in the neo-communist project to rebuild a Soviet Union in Latin America:

A little about Dilma Rousseff:
Profession: Unknown

Some Activities:

1967 - agent for the Worker's Politics Movement

06/10/68 - robbery of Banespa bank, Iguatemi Street, $ 80,000

12/10/68 - planned the murder of [American] Capt. Charles Chandler [accomplished in cold blood, in front of his house, his wife and child]

11/12/68 - robbery of Gun Store Diana, Seminario Street, 48 guns [stolen]

??/04/69 - National Liberation Command [another terrorist organization)

24/01/69 - Robbery of Quitauna Arms Depository - 63 FAU rifles, 3 INA guns, 4 munitions.

18/07/69 - Robbery of the Governor Ademar de Barros' house [the money was never recovered]

01/08/68 - Robbery of the Mercantil of Sao Paulo bank.

20/09/69 - Robbery of the Public Force Police Quarters in Barro Branco.

These people receive substantial allowances for all their life because they have been arrested.  The families of people whom they have killed received nothing, nor attention. She climbed to the top inside the government because she is a Communist and had the aid of the fraudulent urns of the Smartimatic, enterprise well known like out of law in mny countries, including USA.

Another important friend of Lula and a Party director, Jose Dirceu, was also a terrorist and was trained in Cuba [a traitor of Brazil, really]. Dirceu still is the head of the worst and biggest scheme of corruption  in the history of Brazil. READ THE COMPLETE TEXT

Marxist Terrorist is Next Brazil President, 2010

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pombero, the perverted and demoniac elf from Paraguay attacks family

Above and below: Illustrations represent the popular figure of Pombero



PARAGUAI. Colonia de Santa Clara. Liberación district (city), departamento de San Pedro (or San Pedro state) - The insolit case occurred at the home of a humble family, residing in the neighborhood of Santa Clara, city Liberación. There, a woman was raped numerous times by a mythical being - the Pombero

The "Pombero" - is a mythological creature of Guarani culture origin - corresponding to the idea of a South American demoniac elf, very popular not only in Paraguay but also in northeastern Argentina.

It is described and represented as a robust humanoid, short stature, short arms and its body is covered of dark hair. Its huge mouth is endowed with long big teeth, long, very white.

The woman claims that the mythical "Pombero" raped her without she could perceive the fact. Or, she was unconscious when the attacks occurred. She became pregnant and gave birth to a strange creature who died seven hours after birth. According to the victim, on more than one occasion, she woke up naked in his bed.

The victim, identified as Rosalia Suarez, 24, mother of three, said that stood pregnant as a result of the clandestine action of the Pombero. But, she didn't feel anything. During pregnancy, she had no symptoms and your mentrual period remained regular. She just felt an uncomfortable pain in the belly.

On Sunday - day April 5, 2015 - when we finally decided to look for a hospital, before leaving home, went into labor and gave birth to a black baby. It was a strange being.

It was born alive but died seven hours later. The family gave a "Christian burial" to the creature, in the backyard of the home where they prayed "for the soul" of unknown nature of the entity.

Rosalia also reported that has been persecuted by the Pombero for about a year. Again and again, woke up naked in his bed and, worse, once - the same happened to his daughter.

Rosalia's husband, Pablo Villanueva, said that on the night of the birth of the 'hybrid' - he had a chance to see, hidden, lurking below the woodwork structure of the attached barn to the house, the shadowy figure of the monster that everyone belives to be, indeed, the Pombero. 




Duende violó y embarazó a humilde paraguaya
CRONICA/Argentina, 09/April/2015

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brazil. Workers Party shows its truly face: Comunist and violent

Ruth Gomes de Sá, 79 anos. 
The most recent victim of the Workers Party violence at Brazil. 
MORE [https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202370934594122&permPage=1]

+ BRAZIL. Lula-Dilma PT. Bloody Militancy 
Artist suffers threat of death on the internet because speaks what thinks 

03 December, 2014. BRAZIL. BRASILIA, DF. Today Brazilian citzens were removed by force by the police from Congress. The agents have used brutal force and shock weapons on  people who were peacefully watching congressmen discussing pass the PLN-36 (a project of law of Dilma Rousseff).


This law intends to amnesty the president of her fiscal responsibility crime since Rousseff prodeces a big hole in the orlament of the Union in operations not explained.

IMAGE. Brazilian Worker´s Party shut down main highway. 12/02/2014
IN CNN IREPORT [http://ireport.cnn.com/people/docancop]

During the day, on the road leading to Brazil's Capita - citizens from different states of the country, going to Brasilia to be in the Congress session, in cars, buses, were prevented from continuing its path towards the Brasilia downtown. 

The highway was taken by members of the  Workers Party (PT, Partido dos Trabalhadores) who blocked the passage and set fire to tires.

These protesters, that erected barricades on the road - they have said the protest was because the problems in bus lines but in Brazil, the population knows the difference between the professional members of the PT and common citizens. 

Brazilian citizen wears green, yellow, white, blue or even black, in mourning. Citizens use flags of Brazil. 

The mercenaries militants use the red of the communist militia that is beginning to spread across the country. And most notable, the mercenaries are violent and and often vandalize public and private property. Their shirts and red flags have the emblem of the hammer and sickle.

By this way, using lies, with a democratic and populist discourse - after reach the politic power, the worker's party of Brazil show its true face, its comunist ugly face.

+ BRAZIL. Lula-Dilma PT. Bloody Militancy 
Artist suffers threat of death on the internet because speaks what thinks 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The mysterious pyramid of Bolivian Amazon


BOLIVIA. Bolivian Amazon. Hidden in a clearing in the forest, in the Bolivian Amazon, archaeologists discovered an amazing, circular - a three levels structure. Its base, having 180 meters of diameter and its height stands up around 14 meters. It is a pyramid.

The pyramid is located in the vicinity of the city of Mairana (province of Florida, Santa Cruz department), near 'el Fuerte de Samaipata.

According to the coordinator of the team, that consists in six Bolivian archaeologists  from the Archaeological Proyecto de la Gobernación Santa Cruz, Danilo Drakit, the building has at least 2000 years old.

With base diameter measuring 180 meters and a height around 14 meters, the building also has five entries. The main entrance is faces south.

As in other cases of colossal and mysterious pre-Columbian ruins, the material used to build the pyramid of the Bolivian forest, does not belong to the region and the pottery found on the site belongs to an Amazonian culture dating back 2000 years. (One criterion for determine the age of the pyramid).

Drakit commented: This is not a pyramid made of stone. It is a small hill that was crafted, modeled and structured with retaining walls to be a staggered circular pyramid. So far, this is a unique building in Bolivia.

He added that at the end of 2015 much of the pyramid will be visible, with the completion of the excavation. The topography where lies the city of Marana (reference to pyramid location) is characterized by mountains surrounding valleys and plains.

Descubren misteriosa pirámide circular en la Amazonia de Bolivia

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