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BRAZIL The New Generation of gypsy blacksmiths: the Art of the magic swords

Here is the blade! 
IMAGE/VIDEO: Diogo Emiliano, Meetrhijl
YOUTUBE, Diogo Emiliano Canal 
Publicado em 01/03/2014

BRAZIL. RIO DE JANEIRO, 2014. Diogo Emiliano, a researcher at USP - shows in video, how the steel of common kitchen knife can to be turned in an enchanted sword, a blade Meetrhijl, like the smith calls his creation. 

This sword is heiress of mysterious ancient technologies whose existence in the past, contemporary scholars do not know how to explain and nor how to fit in the Annals of academic history. 

As a fully tuned Alchemist with the scientific context of their reality, the young blacksmith, in his video, speaking in English and Portuguese, explains the secret of the magic of these blades using scientific terms as naturally as was sharing a cake recipe. In fact, the gypsy, despite bad tongues, he doesn't fled from school.

Instead, he led the school to the house where could apply the sciences lessons to kept the technological secrets of  his cultural traditions.

Diogo is a good example of a generation of new occultists. They don't deny  Traditions. Today, they research and establish its validity in academic terms. This gypsy blacksmith is quantic: he doesn't hesitates in put the mysterious gifts of his lineage of blacksmiths under a microscope.

The  gypsy blacksmith of weapons in his workshop
IMAGE: YOUTUBE, Published em 27/07/2012

Excalibur ... the Black Armor of Achilles ... people think it is myth ... My people have not the slightest doubt that this things are not only myths. We are to practice the transformation of an ordinary blade ... in a superlâmina that will act as more expensive and mythological Damascus's steel can  act ...

Diogo presents himself as gypsy belonging to the ROM lineage of the Kalderash, a people (or community) that arrived at Brazil there about 200 years ago. With goodwill he preserves by study and perseverance the traditions of his clan.

At the same time, he  has updates the extraordinary knowledge of the ancient blacksmiths, their art, their technique. Among the blacksmiths considered like masters, the ability of the gypsies has a solid reputation. 

Diogo is able to forge any kind of blade. Look the video indicated below.

Models from all the world and from different cultures are forged by Master Diogo Emiliano
YOUTUBE, Published on 27/07/2012

About the video and the transformation process of the blade, Diogo Emiliano writes in almost incomprehensible terms for people with respectable academic formation the intrusionamento (introduction) of  Meethril (fusion of ordinary steel with this ingredient that has remained mysterious for millennia, the Mithril or Meethril as writes gypsy on the page of the video):

This video marks the end of a study that consumed 20 years of my life story . With just one practice, rapid, inexpensive, I have simplified 1700 years of Romaji forge. More, I added my own final praxis: the Meethril, resulting in a unique league, by maximum application intrusória in a fluidized chemical chain in a  magnetoplasmático environment ... 


After having transformed the steak knife from the kitchen in a small but dangerous sword, Diogo submits the object to proofs of  strength and the cut power, running several tests: the new sword, can cut steel nails and injure an enemy quickly slicing meat and breaking the bones.


It is impossible don't note that - in the video, the process - highlighted by the Master of melee weapons - from the intrusionamento of the Meethril - essential for the enrichment process of the knife steel - is not revealed. Rather, it is explicitly hidden. Means that the Masters, despite advances, still are hermetics in the guard their secrets.

The use of a term which has a literary origin - the Meethril (Tolkien/Lord of the Rings) refering to an chemical element, substance or process / technique will be - certainly a problem for the credibility of the young priest of Vulcan. 

Occurs that temporarily Diogo chose the word Meethril or Mithril to name this substance that he says have developed or, who knows, rediscovered  after many years of experimentation. Because, at least, even now, this substance - according Diogo, remains unkown by the current chemical.

However, is valid to remember that Tolkien did not create their magic world from nothing, he found his inspiration in Norse mythology and so, the matter returns to the question of truth hidden in myth: there is at least a chance that the tradition of the enchanted swords, mythical swords  could be have inspired by real weapons, technologically so extraordinary that appeared to be magical objects, misunderstood in his own time.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unexplained Video. Man Disappears in the Air

Watch man DISAPPEAR into thin air while walking down darkened street.
YOUTUBE. Published em 05/08/2014

Jackson city, Wyoming state, USA
RICHARDS, Chris.  
Watch man DISAPPEAR into thin air while walking down darkened street
MIRROR/UK, May 07, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flying humanoid filmed at India

INDIA. At Delhi, the second largest and most important city of the country, a video  captured the stunning image of a humanoid being flying around the Qutab Minar (minaret), an Islamic monument. 

In the occasion, people frightened with the vision, screamed and now 'experts speculate about who or what could be the strange creature.

TERRA TV - http://terratv.terra.com.pe/trs/video/7433133  
YOUTUBE. Flying Humanoid Recorded Over QutubMinar In Delhi, India Video  
Publicado em 06/05/2014 

The Qutb Minar is the tallest brick minaret in the world and an important example of Indo-Islamic architecture.  In 1993, this minaret  was declared, by UNESCO, World Heritage.  The Qutb Minar measures 72.5 meters of height.

FONTE: Avistamiento de un 'alien volando' genera pánico en la India
TERRA PERU, 06/05/2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

UFO-light over São Paulo city

Jornal da Cultura vai exibir a série Pátria Armada
CHANNEL jornaldacultura. YOUTUBE, Publicado em 21/03/2014

BRAZIL. SÃO PAULO CITY. 03/15/2014.During reportage produced by the Journal of Culture, talking of the launch of the documentary serie Pátria Armada, remembering the 50 years of the military coup in Brazil, while the field reporter, Lais Duarte (photo above), was making ​​its passage, the camera the broadcaster has captured, by chance, strange image of a luminous shape at the sky.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BOLIVIA. The runner ghost in the Football Stadium Was not a Ghost. Was a gatecrasher fleeing police...

update 23/04/2014 23:43

¡Misterio resuelto del fantasma del Siles! Es uno que esquiva policías
LaMalaPalabra LMP. YOUTUBE, Publicado em 21/04/2014

This editor had suspicious all the time, always seemed to be a Yeti!

BOLÍVIA/EQUADOR. Miércoles 23 de Abril de 2014 - 17:29. The Ecuavisa Television Channel - Ecuador, has just published:  Resuelven el misterio del "fantasma" de Copa Libertadores. The website of the channel (internet) released a new video, bettered and bettered and carefully submited to optical expertise by the PAT network - Journalists Asociados de Televisión - (Bolivia). 

The result shows that the ghost is not ghost. Although the creature, in fact,  run like a damned spirit, it is a  human being fanatical by football - who having entered the stadium without ticket, taking advantage of the opening of the gates at the end of the match (91 minutes ), fleeing police, one eye on the game, one eye on the path of escape. 

The moment the citizen 'seems to cross a divider grid, the enhanced images shows clearly  that there is an opening in the grid that serves to communicate between sessions of the grandstand.

The runner ghost   

Ghost Photographed in Champions League game 

BOLIVIA. ON THE NIGHT OF APRIL 19, 2014 in Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz - Bolivia's capital - during the football match between teams The Strongest and Defensor Sporting, in the first phase of Final Round of the Copa Libertadores (2014), a video camera (Fox Sports television network ) captured the shadowy image of a spectrum running in the stands, moving swiftly among the spectators, crossing the blue mesh that divides the bleachers as if nothing there was there.

YOUTUBE I. Publicado em 19/04/2014

YOUTUBE II. Publicado em 19/04/2014. Publicado em 19/04/2014

Ghost Photographed in Champions League game 

SOURCE: Extraña sombra aparece en partido de Copa Libertadores.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Índia Conection-Flight MH370. Irrelevant coincidence: The Fall of a search plane

The C-130/KC 3803 is one of the largest transport aircraft of the world, a cargo plane. Scene of the crash.

INDIA-CONNECTION-FLIGHT MH370. MARCH 28, 2014. On Friday (28/03/14) morning, one of the new C-130 J Super Hercules aircraft of the Indian Air Force crashed 116 km west of Gwalior, near the village of Karauli - the Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh border, shortly after taking off from Agra (city of the state of Uttar Pradesh).

All five militaries on board died. The C-130/KC 3803 is one of the largest transport aircraft in the country, a cargo plane and was on a training mission when the accident occurred.

It would be just another plane crash. However, in this particular case there is a coincidence ... curious. This aircraft, specifically, was used by India in efforts of search the missing flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines

The accident caused surprise among Air Force officers because that aircraft was in good technical condition and the cockpit didn't send no warning about any problems or distress signal before the fall, extremely sudden. In operation since 2010, the plane was sold to India - in a batch of six equals - by  the United States.

Among the dead, the commander Prashant Joshi, an experienced military aeronaura, the second squadron commander 77 Veiled Vipers. Besides him, died: the copilot, commander Raji Nair; the reserve pilot and also a squadron commander; Kaushik Mishra; another squadron's pilot; Ashish Yadav, operating in navigation and the Warrant Officer KP Singh.


The Black Box of the C-130/KC 3803, the connectors on the device and the recorder card inside the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CRV) were recovered by the Indian Air Force ... but, this devices have suffered serious damages...

On Sunday morning - March 30 - all pieces were sent to the United States where will  be submitted to expertise with the help of the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, in order to extract and decode the data.. 

SINGH, Rahul. Five killed as IAF's Super Hercules plane crashes.
5 officers killed as IAF’s new showpiece Super Hercules crashes near Gwalior.
INDIA EXPRESS, 29/03/2014
Indian Air Force C-130 Crashes.
THE DIPLOMAT, 28/03/2014

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